My Trip to Chennai June 2022

Trying to check-in online

My initial check in experience is not so good. I am flying Aer Lingus first and then British Airways. At the moment I cannot checkin either. “The computer says No”.


Getting to Dublin


Went to bed about 10:30 but didn’t really sleep. Tossed and turned. Woke up at 02:30 and headed off in the wind and rain.

Got to airport at 5 and found a parking space no problem. This made me think I was ahead of the crowd…..wrong!

There was a back & forth queue across the pedestrian bridge in Terminal 2. And because I was flying out of EU I was unable to check in on line.

So this was Queue 1


This took at least 40 minutes. If you have Verifly there was a much shorter queue. Not sure why Verifly had this privilege.

Anyway because I was 40 mins in Queue 1, it meant Queue 2 was gone and I went straight through to security.

So now I’m at Gate 407 sitting on my tod😀

On Board!

After 2.5 years, I am on my first airplane

. Last trip was a week in Germany and Bulgaria in December 2019.

My Happy Camper Face

The plane is an Airbus A321neo


Gone are the days of Orange Juice with a spike of something extra. But a bit of protein will do me grand


Terminal 5C is a very quiet building with only a Boots, Starbucks and a shop. Very efficient boarding and I’m all set with full season of StrangerThings to watch

See you on the other side 🤪🤪🤪🤪


Not sure if this is the plane. Bit it is a Boeing 787


The Long Flight to Chennai

So without any preliminary flights I was re-introduced to flying with a whopper 10 hour flight to Chennai . All told I will be 24 hours traveling.

The flight itself was grand. I watched a few episodes of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things

I loved the first series of Stranger Things. I did not so much the 3rd series but this one is looking good.

I’ve watched the first 4 episodes and it had cranked up on all levels.

No spoilers but the baddie is a real bad ass

This is the best series of Stranger Things. The kiddie cuteness resembling Spielbergs ET has moved to more like Close Encounters level. The kids are not kids anymore and Dustin especially is a much meatier role.

I saw that Kate Bush was trending on Twitter and yes when I got to that scene it was perfect.

All the subplots help break up the story and I am really enjoying it!

and then watched the Bond film. I must have snoozed at some critical junctions in the story arc because I was totally lost at the end.

The food was a chicken and mushroom “pie”. Basically a slab of puff pastry on a white sauce with bits of chicken. So nothing to write home about. You use to get a menu but BA do not seem to be back to that level yet.

There was no one in the front row of the section and the Air Steward told me to take the seat. Loads of legroom. I stopped wearing the mask once we were up and flying

With 3 hours to go I tried to rest for a while.

At the moment we are flying over Mumbai and heading across to Chennai, about an hour away. It’s 11 am now so it will be 5am when we land.

Music I listened to

On a bit of a modern folk curve at the moment and I found this brilliant playlist

Infinite Indie Folk

Also Spiritualised and Father John Misty

Everything Was Beautiful

Chloë and the Next 20th Century

Day One

I failed to take a picture of the massive crowd waiting outside Chennai airport and it was a relief the driver had a clear sign.

It was then to the airport to Turyaa Hotel. It is typical business man hotel. And the air conditioning was working.

I grabbed some breakfast and then went to bed for a few hours.

I met up with Ganesh in the afternoon to discuss the audit and then took a meeting.

Dinner was an Indian buffet. Great to be able to try different things. Had a few bottles of Kingfisher


Day 2 Hey Ho Hey Ho it’s off to work we go

I had a good night sleep and so I was as reasonably fresh this morning. The office is not that far from hotel so it was an 08:45 pick up.

Lunch was in the Writers Cafe which was nice enough.

It was a long day with back to hotel at 6 and an hour long meeting at 9:30pm. Meant I missed the bar…bloody thing closes at 10:30.


My Hotel Hack


I have a little mini router which I use to hardwire my wifi in the room. Full bars all the time on all my devices with no dodgy dropouts.

Last night I put a vpn on it to prevent any snooping

Route to work

Chaos rules

This is me hanging on in there


And just random shots


Last Day

The reason I am bursting myself laughing is that on the last day of the audit I finally noticed this sign on the wall….. ever observant! Ganesh was working with me.


And this is the management team in Chennai. Perhaps happy to see me going😁😁😁😁

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