Moving Mac Photos library

My Mac has filled up remarkably quickly.

As it doesn’t leave the house I am seeing if I can default onto Synology NAS

I’m following the approach that I found here

How do you get Photos to work with a NAS … – Apple Community

This appeared to work although I made one mistake by creating too big image size. So I stopped and restarted with a 100GB size

The important thing is to create a sparse image. This was not clear in the note above. I also hardwired my Mac Pro to the NAS . This is not so easy as new MAc Pros do not have a network port. So I used my Work Lenovo docking station which worked perfectly. This meant I got approx 20GB transferred in a less than 20 mins. It would have been 2 hours over wifi

So I need to see how robust a solution it will be. But so far today after turning on and off the laptop … no issue

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