Weather by Jenny Offill

I came across this book when looking for a good book review podcast. It was the New York Times ‘The Book Review’ and I randomly selected one episode .
Then I started to see references to Offill all over the place. Finally I saw a tweet from Sinéad Gleeson and for some reason that prompted me to get it. I was happy to see that The Book Centerhad a few copies and so I bought that and ‘Sorry for your trouble’ by Richard Forde.

I hadn’t planned to read it but it is a small sized book and I picked it up to look through. On the first page there was a humorous anecdote regarding a dissertation. And this appears to be the style of the book. It is a serious of paragraphs which at the moment appear unconnected but are like mini-scenes from someone’s life. So at the moment we have been introduced to her possibly recovering drug addict brother while at the same time dodging the school volunteer with a bullhorn.

I am enjoying so far this approach. It’s like a prose poem. Each section has a rhythmic approach but it reflects real life; no matter what heroic Trojan activity you are involved in there still the daily rituals and occurrences (basically life) that continue.

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